Boho Bar and Lounge Area

It’s been a while since I completed the boho bar project, and we’ve been enjoying the heck out of our home bar. (Even more so these past few days as we just received our second consumables shipment, which contained beaucoup booze). But almost as soon as the bar was set up, I could see that installing a seating area across from the bar would really make the area more functional. True, the bar is just 10 feet away from our rather narrow living room but when people came over to the bar (back in pre-COVID times), I noticed they wanted to sit across from the bar, not in the living room. I had a little Moroccan rattan loveseat (really more of an outdoor piece) and a few Moroccan carpet poufs, and the Algerian rug (with a plush carpet pad under it), so the area was inviting, but I was looking for something that would actually fit more people. Something that really beckoned us and our guests to take a load off whilst sipping a gin and tonic, negroni, classic martini, et al.

I’ve been to a few furniture stores in Algiers and aside from a $12,000 sofa from Roche Bobois, I didn’t see anything that was the style I was going for, which is very inspired by the Middle East and North Africa. I remember in Yemen, going to friends’ house and sitting in a big room that was entirely lined with low sofas along the wall, and we called that a mufraj, but I’ve never been clear if that word describes the the entire sitting room, or just the low benches along the wall. In other parts of the Middle East, people called it a diwan. This kind of built-in seating situation is omnipresent at riads, or guesthouses in Morocco – they’re the place you sit and sip your mint tea when you’ve just arrived after a hectic drive and you want to take a load off and settle in. Turns out our 10 months in Morocco was really inspiring to me design-wise, because I see hints of Morocco in most things I design these days.

After a year of thinking about how I could build, buy, or refurbish a low sofa, I finally met the person who could make my vision a reality: the elegant and creative Karima from YK Interior Design. It took a little trial and error trying to get a custom piece commissioned in a foreign country (and foreign language) but in the end, we have a very comfy and fluffy boho sectional sofa with cool Algerian kilim upholstery at the bottom. I channeled Justina Blakeney from the Jungalow and styled it with lots and lots of pillows, many of which I had from Morocco, but some of which I ordered from Target and Jungalow. (I am totally team You Can Never Have Too Many Pillows. Not necessarily You Can Never Display Too Many Pillows, because I think you can. But I’m glad I bought beautiful pillow covers from places like Istanbul, Jerusalem, and Algeria. They don’t take up much space and you never know when you’ll have a comfy lounge spot that calls for 20 of your favorite pillows).

So I present to you, the finished fun, comfy, and colorful bohemian bar and lounge area. It’s a great place to have a drink, to read a book, to cuddle a cat. Beautiful AND functional: The ultimate duo.

To going all out at the home bar,



  1. Emily, I am so impressed by your imagination and style. It’s gorgeous! I can imagine it giving you pleasure every day in multiple ways – – bravo!

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