The Eclectic, Historic Michigan Home of my Aunt and Uncle

My aunt and uncle have this stately 1920s brick home in Plymouth, Michigan, where I grew up. It’s not only stop-your-car-to-get-a-better-look stunning from the outside, it’s every bit as good, or better, from the inside. My Aunt Patty, whose got style for days, is a major decorating inspiration for me, along with my mom. I’ve […]

Home Tour: My Parents’ Traditional Cozy Home

I’ve been in Plymouth, Michigan visiting the family, basking in the fall colors, wearing sweat pants, clocking in 10-hour nights of sleep. There’s something about being home that is so comfortable and I think it’s in large part to my parents’ super comfy, cozy, beautiful house. My mom is a wonderful home decorator and one […]

Everything You’ve Heard About Madrid is True

Hola from Madrid! We’ve been here just over one week and we’ve settled into our spacious, wonderful apartment. Our “HHE” – government-speak for all of our stuff – probably won’t arrive until sometime in February. Until then, I spend about 50% of my brain power thinking about how I want to decorate the apartment.  In […]