Before and After: Modern Gray Bedroom

Both my mom and I have been having a recurring dream for years where we discover hidden rooms in our homes that we never knew existed. One time I dreamed that my guy roommate had a bowling alley and a garden room through the closet in his bedroom. Here we were sharing a small two bedroom apartment and he was keeping all this extra space a secret! “Time to decorate!” dream me thought.

In real life here in Madrid, I have two guest bedrooms I got to decorate, which is so awesome, it seems like a dream. This room was inspired by a gray and white geometric print duvet cover that we received as a wedding present. It’s more modern and masculine than my tastes usually run, but I was getting married and figured my white chenille bedspread was a touch too girly for our new apartment. I painted the walls a medium gray, hung some orange Ikea curtains that I’d had in my living room in Washington DC, and generally pulled things from all around the house, which is how a sort of “maps and board games” theme emerged. This room was particularly fun to decorate because it all came together fast and it consists almost entirely of things I already owned. The only new things I bought for the room were three pillows and a $12 striped rug from Ikea.


Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.28.01 AM
Your grandparents’ guest bedroom in Wisconsin




To repurposing your old things into something wonderfully new,

The Dame in Spain


  1. Grandma Golda and I just looked at your cute bedrooms…..Great job Emily! Grandma loved the geometric bedding. I thought it was funny, I have the identical vase full of domino pieces, etc. and a wooden bowl with bocci balls in the basement! Keep up the good work………………..

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