In the Morning Light

Mr. YemenEm and I just woke up here in Sana’a.

We slept with the windows open because the air conditioning wasn’t working and I wanted to hear what was going on outside (don’t worry – curtains shut!) and it’s the first time that our hotelpartment is nice and cool. Right now our room feels like fall with crisp air blowing in. It’s perfectly sunny, as always, and literally the only sound we hear is birds chirping. It’s strange how a night of sleep changes everything.

Last night after dinner, a bunch of our friends came in to our room and we decided it would be as good a time as any to watch the first season of Homeland. Certainly an apt show for our current situation since it’s about fighting terrorism in the Middle East/at home in the U.S. But maybe we should have watched something more lighthearted to take our minds of the tense day like those inane Kardashians or looked at this shit, because  that hedgehog taking a bath could make me smile if I was being kept prisoner of war in Iraq (like the guy on Homeland, although we only made it to episode 2 so we don’t know the whole story….) Seriously wish I had a printer so I could carry that soapy hedgehog around with me everywhere to make things okay.

Anyways yesterday was crazy and I commented to Mr.YemenEm that we were both so in our own heads and updating our family and friends, and this blog, that I didn’t really feel like we talked at all yesterday. Which made me sad since I moved here to be closer to him. Then Homeland put me in a weird place and I went to bed feeling like today would not be a very good day. But now with the crisp air and total quiet, and having some quiet time with my husband, it all seems okay.

But I shouldn’t let my early morning optimism cloud reality here. There’s probably no way Yemenis aren’t still angry. There will probably be another march today. We’ll find out more later, and I’ll keep y’all updated throughout the day.

Here’s to hoping for a peaceful day, but to knowing we’ll have the strength to deal with whatever happens,


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