Quiet for Now

Hi everyone,

Well, that was an exciting past couple of hours. We were in our room when security banged out our doors and told us to all gather together.  I had just asked Mr.YemenEm a few minutes before if we should pack a “go” bag, and for some reason we didn’t. I hurriedly threw my passport, a shirt that was laying on the floor, my makeup, and my wallet in a bag. I took the crumpled shirt back out. Our friend who was in our room and I were yelling for Mr.YemenEm who suddenly seemed to disappear. “Where are you?!” I screamed. Apparently he was yelling back from the toilet in the other room where he had just settled in for his late morning ritual. Finally, he emerged from the bathroom and we all went to join the other hotelpartment guests for what turned in to hours and hours of waiting. Lots of Facebook checking, lots of watching alJazeera and CNN and Fox News, lots of Gmail.

Meanwhile, at the embassy, protestors stormed the gate and we’re hearing (and seeing on TV)  that the place is partly trashed and there was some looting. We were worried about our colleagues in the embassy, but everyone is fine.

We’re now back in our room. Seems to be calmer outside. You can bet I’m packing a “go” bag. My favorite clothes, money, passport, and some books. And booze!

As for how I’m feeling: Feeling pretty okay. A little drained after the excitement of the past few hours. Not too scared. I feel pretty protected here, but we’re also hearing there will be more protests tomorrow. It’s strange being in a place where I’ve only just arrived and not knowing if I’ll be staying here. Mr.YemenEm was evacuated one month after he arrived back in May 2011, and I’m wondering if the same thing will happen for me.

Anyways, we’re fine here. I’ll post more later.




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