Eating Your Way Through Jerusalem’s Shuk

A first glance, Machane Yehuda market – or simply the “Shuk” to locals –  looks shabby, a sort of a slapdash jumble of stalls selling bright vegetables, fresh fish, dried fruits, spices and a few shops selling kippas, plastic housewares, conservative clothes, Ethiopian baskets. But don’t let the junky exterior fool you: The Shuk is […]

Bourbon Tasting and the (Surprisingly) Cool City of Louisville

After some serious biscuit-eating in Charleston, South Carolina, a visit to Mr. Dame in Spain’s hometown of Atlanta, and a two-night stay on our friend’s family farm outside of Knoxville, we were off to pay homage to our favorite booze: Bourbon. We arrived in Louisville, Kentucky with an ambitious plan: To visit all nine official […]

How a Spanish Onion Pulled Me Out of My Restaurant Funk

I’ve been a little down on restaurants in Spain lately. Maybe it was spending two weeks in Paris, where you’d have to try really, really hard to eat something that isn’t delicious. Or maybe it was the two-night trip north through Bilbao and Pamplona where the omnipresence of pinxtos (thought by many Spaniards to be […]