A Mediterranean Island Weekend Fit for DMFs

When I wrote this, I was in the midst of a chill out day at home – relaxing on the most beautiful sofa in the world and decompressing after an awesome go-go-go nine-day visit from my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle. I’ll blog our family visit to Wadi Rum in the future, but for now, here’s a little ditty about a recent weekend trip to Cyprus. 

When booking a weekend getaway to a small Mediterranean country like Cyprus, one needs to make a choice: Do I spend the 48 hours exploring whole island, get a feel for the culture and history of the place or do I book a luxury hotel with stunning pools and views of the Mediterranean and sun myself and eat and drink?

Because I chose the latter, I don’t have much to report back on the history of Cyprus, why the island is split into a Greek and a Turkish section, or really on any of the island’s charms. But I can tell you that Cyprus is its own country, that the town of Paphos is less than an hour flight from Tel Aviv, and that the Elysium Hotel has luxurious beds, comfy lounge chairs, a gorgeous series of pools, and great chili-lime potato chips that you get every time you order a drink at the pool.


I can also tell you Cyprian cuisine, at least at a cute, Greek-island place called Dias Zues is really good. Fresh zucchini and mint patties, tzatziki, salads, garlicky butter mushrooms, decadent fried halloumi cheese. The local wine is not bad. Also: Unlike Jerusalem, Paphos has an Indian restaurant, and it’s pretty good!



Also, the wildflowers were blooming, there’s a great trail along the water, and there are lots of ruins.












Mr. Em in Jerusalem, our good friend from our time in Spain, and myself coined a term in the vein of “Treat Yo Self” that we use when we we’ve overindulged and want to lightheartedly shame ourselves: We say we’re just a bunch of DMFs, which is short for Decadent Mother Fuckers. This weekend, we shared that slogan with our Jerusalem friends who joined us in Cyprus. They resisted, insisting that they’re saving for a wedding and normally frugal. We settled on calling them Reluctant DMFS, or RDMFs. Anyways, this is to say that the Cyprus weekend wasn’t particularly cultural or active, really it was just a DMF getaway, complete with luxury digs, booze, food, and massage for Mr. Em in Jerusalem.

To being a DMF in Cyprus,

Em in Jerusalem

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