Cake Wrecks, Yemen-Style

I was going through photos from the past several months (can you tell I’m procrastinating from writing my book today?) and I came across a few gems from Yemen that are too good not to share.

Things have changed since Mr.YemenEm and I left Yemen in May. But when we were there, the kind people who did all the cooking at the hotel in which we lived really did try. The food was sometimes pretty okay. But what was even better was when the food staff went above and beyond and crafted these bizarre and unintentionally hilarious works of art/enthusiasm that I will refer to as sculptures.

This one time, it was “American” night. If I recall, the food was mac and cheese and lots of meat, complemented by a great rendition of a cowboy that was made with cardboard and what appeared to be frosting. Another evening, there was a Statue of Liberty made of flour and water, frosting, or maybe even mashed potatoes. Hard to tell. And then there was the swan made of foil, drizzled in both white and dark chocolate, and sitting upon a pile of real eggs and cilantro. Of course.

To art, in all its myriad forms,



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