On Vacation!

Happy New Year from Thailand, where Mr.YemenEm and I are are enjoying a delayed honeymoon. It’s been great to get out of Yemen for a bit and travel to a place where we can eat to our hearts’ content, where we are free to walk around wherever we wish (and you, know, to a place where there’s no bounty on our heads).

So far, we’ve been in Bangkok, a big, crowded, fun city. Our favorite part of Bangkok was going to a fancy mall and seeing a movie (Cloud Atlas). Not very exotic, I know, but after being in a place with no malls or movies for five months, it was a really great night! Now we’re really reaping the benefits of living in a Sheraton and staying at a gorgeous Starwood resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. We rung in the New Year last night at a fun beach bar with some friends from DC whom we happened to spot in the bar of our hotel. A happy coincidence and it was a great night.

2012 was such a crazy, but awesome year. It gave me a taste of what this life of travel will be like and I’ve visited to more countries this year than I had ever been to in my life. Plus, we had our Michigan wedding, which was amahzing. And I moved to Yemen! 2013 will have us saying goodbye to Yemen and hello to a much wider food selection. We’ll travel in May to Italy, and in June we’ll tool around the U.S. visiting much-missed friends and fam. Then we’ll live in DC for a while, then in NYC, and prepare to depart for Madrid. 2012 has been truly wonderful. But 2013 holds the promise of being even better.

Next stop on our honeymoon: Laos, and then Vietnam. Will keep you all posted.

With love on this New Year,



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