Eating Your Way Through Jerusalem’s Shuk

A first glance, Machane Yehuda market – or simply the “Shuk” to locals –  looks shabby, a sort of a slapdash jumble of stalls selling bright vegetables, fresh fish, dried fruits, spices and a few shops selling kippas, plastic housewares, conservative clothes, Ethiopian baskets. But don’t let the junky exterior fool you: The Shuk is […]

A Glimpse Into Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhoods

There are two Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in the center of Jerusalem – Geula and Mea Shearim – and I’ve been too nervous to venture in to them during my nearly three years in Jerusalem. Every new arrival to the city hears horror stories about unknowing motorists driving into these neighborhood during Shabbat and being met with […]

Mastering the Life-Changing Art of Driving in a Foreign Country

I can be hard on myself about certain ways in which I handle living abroad. Awkward language-barrier encounters, not being assertive enough, not having local friends. But one thing I’ll say outright that I deserve kudos for: Driving a car in foreign countries. To know why this is especially commendable in my particular case, we’d have […]

Three Gadgets We Don’t Have in America (That I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without)

Ten years of living abroad has taught me so many important things, one of which is: America is the land of convenience. You can have anything delivered to your doorstep in minutes, and all the same big box stores exist in practically every city and town throughout America, meaning you’re never very far from a […]

Dramatic, Large-Scale Dining Room Gallery Wall

Hello from Algiers, where the number of coronavirus infections continue to rise. There are some new restrictions, like most shops will be closing at 3pm now, and there’s an 8pm curfew for everyone. We’re still safe and cozy in our Algiers house, seeing friends in socially distanced gatherings, and working almost exclusively from home. This […]