Searching for a ‘Nice Hike’ in Bajaia

I asked Adam for one thing for my 37th birthday. “I just want a nice hike.” Hiking is one of my favorite leisure activities/forms of exercise and in past posts (Spain, Jerusalem, Morocco) I’ve sought out all the spots for great walks and hikes and did them often. Unfortunately, a “nice hike,” especially one where […]

Ramadan in Algeria

Don’t you love when blog posts begin with an apology for how long it’s been since the last post? Me neither. So let’s jump right in! New things: I am vaccinated against COVID. I got my second Moderna vaccine recently and boy was I sick after that second shot. Just miserable. I suppose it’s a […]

Algiers Living Room Reveal

Hello from Algiers! After three trips to Michigan in the past four months, my cancer scare ordeal is over and behind me. The biopsy from the last surgery on my cervix revealed no cancer and do disease of any kind. I arrived back to Algeria a week ago, and have been getting re-acclimated (melatonin has […]

Some Good News

I am back in Michigan. If you’re counting, that’s three trips to my home state in three months. Never have I lived abroad and been back this much. And I gotta say, Algeria is not so close to the United States; it’s a long trip. But this time, there’s good news… I left Algiers on […]

Boho Bar and Lounge Area

It’s been a while since I completed the Boho Bar project, and we’ve been enjoying the heck out of our home bar. (Even more so these past few days as we just received our second consumables shipment, which contained beaucoup booze). But almost as soon as the bar was set up, I could see that […]

Weekend Trip to Tipaza

Adam and I talked this week about how every Foreign Service Officer posted abroad is having a not normal tour and will forever look back at this time as say “Oh, that was my corona tour” as an excuse for why she didn’t see much of France/Kazakhstan/Nicaragua/Senegal, or wherever the posting is. No exception here […]

From Snow to Sun, Another Return to Algeria

Happy Valentines Day from Algiers! Yes, I’m back home in Algeria and it feels good. We have nothing specifically romantic planned for the day. But it does feel holiday-ish because while Sunday is normally the start of the work week, we have today off for President’s Day. I’m spending the day getting dosed with sunshine […]

A Cancer Scare

A few weeks after we arrived back in Algiers, we had settled back into our routine: Working from home Sunday-Thursday, an hour of early evening exercise, shaking up an ice cold gin martini at 7, making dinner, kitty cuddles and TV before bed, socializing with a few friends on the weekends. In the midst of […]

Best of 2020

2021 was supposed to be the new year/fresh start we all hoped for, but so far it’s pretty shit. Here we are with the coronavirus still lingering (but a vaccine, yay!); still working from home; I just received pretty bad personal news (more on that when I’m ready to share it); and then what happened […]

Happy New Year, or Jet-lagged in Algiers

Happy 2020 Is Over! Or, Happy New Year! Whatever you call it. I need to admit something: I woke up today at 4pm. I am still sitting here, sun starting to set, in total shock. Mostly that my husband let me sleep until 4pm – something I’ve never in my life done. Hadn’t he the […]

Dramatic, Large-Scale Dining Room Gallery Wall

Hello from Algiers, where the number of coronavirus infections continue to rise. There are some new restrictions, like most shops will be closing at 3pm now, and there’s an 8pm curfew for everyone. We’re still safe and cozy in our Algiers house, seeing friends in socially distanced gatherings, and working almost exclusively from home. This […]

An Algiers Walking Tour

Hi readers! I published, shamefully, just one blog post in October. Not sure what happened there, and now it’s already mid-November and we’re deep into a resurgence of COVID-19 and on the precipice of the certain plummet of our current president. I’ve been advised to keep politics off this blog, but lemme say I’m depressed […]

Patterned + Layered Guest Bedroom

After living in a place for a year or so, I usually come to realize that I like the guest bedroom more than I like the master bedroom, possibly because I put more consideration into decorating the guest bedroom. I sleep in the guest bedroom now and then to make sure I’m not overlooking anything […]