Tanzanian Safari, Part I

We like to go on a big trip around New Years, and as I’ve previously mentioned, I’d be happy with a chilly European trip each and every year. But flights from Algiers to Europe are at an all-time high right now. So, we had landed on South Africa – some place brand new for both […]

Best of 2021

Happy another year in the early 2020s! I think it’s becoming increasingly clear as the COVID pandemic turns endemic that we’ll all look back on this time as one four or five year chunk rather than as individual, distinct years. I am typing this post poolside, under a breadfruit tree, 50 yards from the Indian […]

Christmas in Algiers

One thing I’ve learned about living in non-Christian countries is that if you want Christmas, you have to create it for yourself. In Algiers, come December, there’s no “All I Want for Christmas” blasting from grocery store speakers, no twinkling lights on street poles, and certainly no falling snow. But all those cozy and fun […]

Guess Where We’re Moving in 2022?

I’ve been blogging for so long now that I feel like I’ve written quite a few “And Our Next Post Is” posts. (And I have! Big reveals for Jerusalem, Morocco, Algiers). I’ve even done polls on where my blog readers think we should go. None of that this time. I’ll just come out and tell […]

Return to Sifnos

Something I’ve learned about living abroad is that the one thing you really cannot get has of way of becoming what you long for most. That living-in-a-hotel-with-my-colleagues lifestyle in Yemen made me long to be in crowded streets with people so much that the one day we spent in Geneva after flying out of Sana’a […]

Is it Even 2021?

Well, it’s August already. In the year 2021, supposedly. But is it truly even a new year? A year ago in Algeria, international flights had just started to open up, and Adam and I jumped on the chance to go to Greece for a few weeks. Our trip to Crete, Santorini, Naxos, and Sifnos, was […]

Gunshots and Peacock Shrieks in Bou Saada

Back in May, we were part of a caravan down to the desert town of Bou Saada, known for being an oasis between the mountains and vast desert. Adam and I departed Algiers with our Norwegian friend in the back seat and joined up with the convoy, members of which were mostly diplomats from various […]